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Exceptional design, local production, and lasting quality.

Great design affects how we feel in everyday life. In our experience, creating a well-designed space requires us to fully understand the human experience of a place and then to apply an obsessive attention to the detail to how people might interact with it over time. Whether it is enjoying a meal out, relaxing at home, or encouraging collaboration at work, the end goal is to bring people closer together.


Living in the Pacific Northwest has taught us how materials can shape an environment over time. As a result, everything we design is built as a piece for frequent use and regular inspiration. This mindset allows us to build furniture with simple materiality that will endure for generations.



Brackish is Andy Whitcomb and Forest Eckley. 

Our office is located in the back of our retail store, Glasswing, and while many of our designs stem from the research and spirited conversations that happen at the shop, our common interests in cooking, music, and hiking with friends always seem to trigger our most exciting ideas. We are always looking to collaborate on flexible spaces that can grow and evolve with the people who inhabit them. For us, this work is about coming up with great designs that have the ability to improve with time and most importantly, make life better.