About Us Draft

Hi we're Brackish! We design and build furniture in Seattle, Washington USA. We believe that good design should be an integral part of daily life and we build all of our furniture with the intent that each piece be frequently used and last for generations. We are currently offering a retail line of furniture through our website and do custom design work for restaurants, hotels, and private clients. If you'd like to discuss a project send us a message info@brackishdesigns.com!

Meet Andy Whitcomb, lead furniture designer at Brackish and owner of Whitcomb & Company.  Andy has a passion for local production. "I find potential and beauty in what others view as trash.  In my designs, I try to elevate the material, texture, or patina; featuring it prominently in the design, so that everyone will see the value I see."

forest eckley brackish seattle

Meet Forest Eckley, the other half of Brackish and co-owner of Glasswing. Forest has a love for hidden design details and products with lasting quality. "I love having the opportunity to counter-balance the mass-produced nature of most products out there. At Brackish, we build products that will look better the longer you own them. Each year of use our furniture should gain subtle impressions, scratches, and wear patterns that will make each piece more unique and beautiful."